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Monthly Open Mic Night

Starting November 15th we will be hosting a monthly open mic night on the third Friday for artists to share their inspirational works with the community. These will be held at Dapper Café, 209 Bedford Road. Come experience or share poems, songs, theatre, and more while enjoying the drinks and food at the café.

Monthly Book Club

This group is open to anyone who enjoys reading and discussing books. We host this at Dapper Café, 209 Bedford Road on the first Friday of the month. We read a vast diversity of books from non-fiction to fiction, from faith to politics, current events to classics of history. Next months books are available at Dapper Café for purchase remember that proceeds at Dapper benefit the Awareness Project. If you would rather purchase it some where else, you can get the information for the upcoming books from our newsletter. Sign up above.

Spirit Fit

Spirit Fit

Moving for wholeness — in body, mind, and spirit. Wednesday evenings at 6:00 p.m. Exercise at your own level, utilizing spiritual formation practices, cardio/strength conditioning, and dance.


South Sanctuary:  Worship 10:30 am (traditional)

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